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Best Electric Scooter Helmet is a revolutionary design that combines the best features of a standard bike helmet and an electric scooter helmet. The result is a sleek, low-profile helmet that’s lightweight, comfortable, and provides excellent protection from the elements.

We are proud to introduce our new line of electric scooter helmets. These helmets are designed with a sleek and modern look, as well as high-quality construction that will protect your head from any bumps or accidents that may occur.

Our helmet is also lightweight and designed for maximum protection, making it perfect for any long-distance ride or commute to work. We know how important safety is when riding an electric scooter, so we have made sure this helmet is up to the task.

Electric scooter helmet saves the day

You are making the world a little bit better, one scooter at a time. We are introducing the world’s first and only electric scooter helmet. The Best! We’ve combined all the benefits of an electric scooter with the safety of a helmet to create an innovative new product that will change how we get around. This is why you should make The Best your next purchase for this season.

If you do not use a helmet

We are busy at times and don’t use helmets willingly. Unfortunately, if we are an Accident, we are likely to get severe head injuries.

And the essential part of the human body is the head. If you can keep your head careful, some features can be saved even if it is an Accident. So use a helmet before boarding an all-time electric scooter or any bike. Helmets are very beneficial. The government authorities tell us to use helmets because people’s dangers are never called, so it is reasonable to use them.

Top 8 Best electric scooter helmet lists

1. Thousand Adult Bike Helmet 
2. Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet
3. COROS SafeSound Smart Helmet
4. LIVALL Smart Helmet
5. MCBOB Skateboard Helmet
6. Team Obsidian Airflow Adult Helmet
7. Summer Watts EPS Helmet
8. Bell Hub Adult Commuter Helmet

There are many reasons why you should wear a helmet when riding your e-scooter. One of the most important reasons is because it can save your life! E-scooters are often used in cities, so there are many risks for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. This means that wearing a helmet can help you to stay safe while riding your Best electric scooter helmet.

Ever wonder why you should wear a helmet while riding on an electric scooter? When you’re zooming down the street, do you ever feel like it would be safer to wear one of those helmets that cyclists wear?

Well, we’ve got some good news for you. A helmet is not only highly recommended but also necessary when riding on an electric scooter. The worst thing that could happen is getting hit by a car and having severe head injuries or, even worse, dying.

The concern with these modes of transportation is that they can be dangerous and difficult to control if you’re not experienced. That’s why we designed a helmet specifically to protect your head when using the Best electric scooter helmet, so you can enjoy your ride without worrying!

1. Thousand Adult Bike Helmet

When we do riding and skating a perfect electric scooter helmet is needed. We cannot avoid using a helmet, but who will take care of the accidents. So, by using the best electric scooter helmet, you can keep yourself safe.

Also, it comes with some awesome benefits like a locking system, lightweight and different sizes. All these make it a next-level helmet that you can take for daily use without any hassle.

Best electric scooter helmet
Best electric scooter helmet
ColorArctic Grey
Recommended Uses For ProductCycling, Skateboarding
Vehicle Service TypeScooter, Mountain Bike
About this item
  • GET THE consummate FIT.
  • We will repair it for free.
  • Stylish design to fit any user
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Comes with an easy locking system
  • It is available in different sizes
  • This is an unisex product, both men and women can use
  • Comes with anti-theft guarantee
  • It’s rigid foam.
With the right helmet, you can keep yourself safe. So, grab the right piece. No, It snugly fits across your forehead. I have found the little visor on its front to be enough since I can wear sunglasses with it.

2. Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet

This is another excellent make from Triple Eight Dual helmet. From safety issues to fitting with your head, this is an awesome make. The most amazing thing is that it comes with CPSC safety standards. So, use a standard type of helmet that fits you on your scooter. You can also fit it with the pads inside and chin strap.

Best electric scooter helmet
Best electric scooter helmet
SizeX-Small / Small
ColorBlack Matte
Recommended Uses For ProductCycling, Skateboarding
BrandTriple Eight
Inner MaterialExpanded Polystyrene
About this item
  • This is Helmet with MIPS technology.
  • ABS shell with EPS liner is engineered for fit and profile.
  • Comprise two various sets of eliminable helmet pads to customize the fit.
  • It is an MIPS technology made helmet to give you better safety
  • Fits with biking, commuting, skateboarding and others
  • Compatible with U.S CPSC safety standard.
  • Customizable and comes with chin strap
  • Gives high class safety
  • NO, this helmet is not consistent with the Sweat saver Liner.

3. COROS SafeSound Smart Helmet

Yes, this is really smart as a scooter helmet. A scooter helmet with a sound listening and talking feature is really awesome. Everybody will love to have it for these lovely functions.

It also has a protective visor and tail light. While riding, you can talk with others in closer range, so you can think it is the best electric scooter helmet around you.

Best electric scooter helmet
Best electric scooter helmet
SizeS (52-56CM)
Recommended Uses For ProductCycling
Inner MaterialExpanded Polystyrene
About this item:
  • Premium EPS influence foam with an invigSafeSound – Urban Smart Helmet
  • Smart remote and mount
  • USB charging cable
  • Quick Start Guide (QSG)
  • SOS Emergency Alert allows
  • the event of an emergency
  • An LED tail light will keep
  • Comes with a polycarbonate shell and protective visor
  • It has an awesome EOSS sound feature
  • You can enjoy really good music with it
  • SOS emergency alert integration
  • It has a bright tail light with three different mode
  • A built-in microphone in it for short-range communication
  • The helmet is comparatively heavy
  • When riding too fast you can hear the microphone at all
Yes, it is a perfect helmet to get and use, that will give you awesome benefits. Our robust design is engineered to straighten the audio flow into the ear, eliminating noise for others to hear.

4. LIVALL Smart Helmet

This is another smart helmet with lots of features. The most amazing thing about this helmet is the LED lights, which are light sensitive and have an advanced SOS alert.

The alert system will call your emergency contacts when you are hit and do not move for 90 seconds. It is amazing that it can help you in any emergency situation.

Best electric scooter helmet
Best electric scooter helmet
Recommended Uses For ProductCycling
BrandLIVALL riding
Vehicle Service TypeAdventure Tourer
About this item:
  • LED Smart Lighting.
  • SOS Emergency Alert.
  • Ensures maximum battery longevity.
  • Integral Molding for Better Protection.
  • Upgrade Adjust System.
  • Adjustable Size: L-22-24 inch (57- 61 cm).
  • Comes with light-sensitive LED lights, that you can control with 3 different mode
  • It has an SOS emergency alert that will activate in a 90 second
  • You can connect with safety apps
  • The helmet is strengthened by polycarbonate and EPS
  • Adjustable system to fit different head sizes
  • Turn signal light is not available
This awesome smart helmet can keep you safe, so choose wisely. Best electric scooter helmet.

5. MCBOB Skateboard Helmet

You need the Best electric scooter helmet that will give you comfort and advanced features. This is one that can make your scooter ride amazing. You can choose from different colors and sizes that will fit you.

So, be wise and find the right helmet that will keep you safe and you feel relaxed. Also, the adjustment features will make you happy when you use them.

Best electric scooter helmet
Best electric scooter helmet
Recommended Uses For ProductCycling, Skiing, Snowboarding, Skateboarding
Vehicle Service TypeScooter
About this item
  • Complies with dual-certified safety standards.
  • it’s 13 vents to ensure good ventilation.
  • MCBOB bike helmet has dual removable liners
  • Ensures there is no liner separation in its interior.
  • It has an all direction protection that is like a shell
  • Made with EPS core
  • Proper air circulation to keep your head dry
  • You can adjust it with according to your comfort
  • Multiple adjustment points
  • Different color options
  • 3 different sizes
    No, the straps on the sides provide enough gap to avoid rubbing against ears. This is another safe and comfortable helmet that you may like, so grab your piece now.

    6. Team Obsidian Airflow Adult Helmet

    When you are looking for a MIPS-certified helmet, you can take this one. Being an expensive one it comes with many comfortable features. The air vents are so planned that you will get proper air circulation in the Best electric scooter helmet.

    You can also adjust it according to your need for better comfort. And it comes with different types of accessories. So, this can be a good fit for your scooter driving and skateboarding.

    Best electric scooter helmet
    Best electric scooter helmet
    SizeS/M 54cm-58cm
    Recommended Uses For ProductCycling
    Vehicle Service TypeCruiser, Mountain Bike
    About this item:
    • Everything the cyclist in you could ask for.
    • Uses advanced technology to strengthen it
    • Have proper air circulation in the helmet
    • Innovative design to fit any kind of riding style
    • Comes with additional accessories
    • Easy fit helmet with adjustments
    • Comes in different sizes
    • Quite expensive product
    • Inner padding setup is not comfortable
    This helmet is made with better and improved technology, so it will be a perfect choice for you. 2-YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY to make this the perfect.

    7. Summer Watts EPS Helmet

    This is an excellent make from Summer Watts, which is a renowned brand. It is made with proper planning and for better performance. You can adjust this helmet according to your regular use.

    The air circulation is very much improved with the proper vents on it. You are able to modify it according to your needs in summer and winter. If needed, you can modify it by adding a light with it.

    Best electric scooter helmet
    Best electric scooter helmet
    ColorMatte Black / Black
    Recommended Uses For ProductCycling
    Vehicle Service TypeCycling Skate
    About this item:
    • Classic Bern styling looks.
    • Features our Crank Fit dial-adjustable fit system.
    • A moisture-controlling premium liner.
    •  CPSC and EN 1078 standards for bike and skate.
    • Replaceable ZipMold warm and cold weather liner.
    • Comes with a Visor that has a sports look
    • Adjustable dial and structure
    • It has sufficient vents for proper air circulation
    • Gives proper protection
    • Comes with a warm and cold liner
    • Lights can be added
    • Check the sizes properly or you will lose money
    This is a good combination of perfect products and comfortable features, that will make you’re riding enjoyable. It's a helmet to protect cyclists who bike on concrete and trails. I am sure it would save you from water.

    8. Bell Hub Adult Commuter Helmet

    It is made with advanced materials and can be used for your regular use. You can rely on its good protection and better comfortable features. It is also easy to fit your head and adjust for better comfort.

    It is one of the best electric scooter helmets that will give you the most lovable features.

    Best electric scooter helmet
    Best electric scooter helmet
    ColorAgent Matte/Gloss Black (2019)
    Recommended Uses For ProductCycling
    Inner MaterialExpanded Polystyrene
    About this item
    • Here is the Size chart from Bell.
    • FLOAT FIT – A minimalist
    • Channel matrix for full-head ventilation
    • 15 helmet vents and 3 brow ports.
    • Best electric scooter helmet
    • Made with polycarbonate shell
    • This is very lightweight and easy to use
    • Easy to fit and adjust
    • Vents are made to give proper air passing
    • Comes in different sizes
    • It is not the best use for it. It Is an Urban Helmet.
    A process pioneered by Bell bonds the helmet outer shell to the eps foam liner to create a sturdy helmet. Grab this one and stay tension-free when you are riding.

    Ways to recognize the helmet well

    The creators of Ways to Recognize the Helmet Well want to provide a way for people to be recognized for their hard work and dedication.

    They’ve created a simple and easy tool that allows people to develop and share ways they wish someone could show their appreciation for them. With this, they can make someone feel like the most special person in the world.

    Ways to recognize the helmet well is a new company that has developed some great ideas for identifying your helmet. One of their ideas is to make a sticker with your favorite animal and stick it on the back of your helmet.

    Another idea they have is to put a name or date on the inside of your lid. They also have an app where you can track how many miles you’ve ridden, find other riders nearby, see who’s wearing their helmet, and more. There are plenty of ways to recognize their helmets, but this new company has some creative ones!

    Best electric scooter helmet for adults

    The electric scooter craze is sweeping the nation, and people are looking for ways to stay safe while they ride. A helmet is a must when riding an electric scooter, but it’s not always easy to find one that fits well. With so many different models on the market, finding the electric scooter helmet for adults can be challenging.

    Luckily, we’ve done all the work for you. We tested 10 of the most popular helmets on the market and found our favorite three. Whether you’re looking for something with Bluetooth speakers or want something reliable and affordable, there’s a helmet out there for you!

    “Why do I need a helmet?” you might ask. It’s simple. To keep your head safe. As one of the leading manufacturers of electric scooter helmets, we’re here to provide you with the best answer to that question.

    One that provides protection for your head and face while riding your electric scooter. That is why we’ve created this article, so you know how to choose the best full-face helmet for electric scooter. Let’s get started!

    Electric scooter helmet with lights

    Whether you’re a first-time rider or a seasoned veteran, a helmet is an essential part of any ride. Sometimes it’s hard to see where you’re going and what lies ahead.

    This is why we’ve created the new Electric Scooter Helmet with Lights. The helmet has two lights on either side that are easy to turn on and off without having to take off your hands from the handlebars. When you need extra visibility, simply flip them on. And when you don’t, they stay off!

    The modern-day scooter rider is always looking for the next innovation that will make their ride even more enjoyable. One of those many innovations is a helmet with built-in LED lights that allow riders to be visible and safe at night.

    Scooters can be ridden on sidewalks and streets, making them one of the safest and most efficient ways to get around town. With this new product, riders can now travel safely during the day as well as at night.

    Best electric scooter helmet
    Best electric scooter helmet

    The Best electric scooter helmet with lights is a new product that has just recently been released. This helmet will provide riders with not only protection from the elements but also lights that are perfect for night riding.

    The helmet comes in two different colors and it’s available in three different sizes so you can find one that fits your head perfectly. If you’re looking to buy a new electric scooter, this helmet is a must-have!

    Full face helmet for electric scooter

    A new, full-face helmet for electric scooters has been released by a company called Scoot. The Scoot Helmet is the first of its kind and is designed to help protect your head from injury, while also being stylish and comfortable.

    This groundbreaking product is made from tough, durable materials with a sleek design. It’s also available in a variety of colors so you can find one that fits your style. This helmet not only protects you from bumps and bruises but also will keep you as cool as possible as it has air vents that allow airflow through the helmet.

    A full-face helmet is a vital safety feature that helps to protect your head in the event of an accident. With the growing popularity of electric scooters, it’s important to have a safe way to ride them.

    The Full Face Helmet for Electric Scooters is designed with the perfect balance between protection and comfort. This helmet has everything you need to protect yourself while riding your favorite mode of transportation.

    We all know that electric scooters are much safer than traditional bikes, but what about your face? The full-face helmet has been designed to protect your head and face from any potential accidents. Made with lightweight materials and a sleek design, this Best electric scooter helmet will not only look good but also be functional.

    Cool helmets for electric scooters

    You know the feeling – you’re outside and you see that electric scooter. You want to ride it, but then you remember that you can’t because of your helmet situation. Well, now there’s a solution! One company has created cool helmets for electric scooters and they look awesome.

    These helmets are great for those who commute on their scooter, as well as those who just use them for fun. They come in three different colors and two sizes – one size is perfect for kids! If you’re looking for a way to enjoy riding your electric scooter without worrying about what to wear on your head, these helmets are perfect.

    Cool helmets are here to make your ride safe. We have designed a range of electric scooter helmets to protect you from the elements, as well as offer protection against impact and provide some style too!

    Buying Guide for Electric

    If you’re in the market to buy an electric scooter, chances are you’ll need an electric scooter helmet. So we’ve put together a buying guide with a few tips and considerations for purchasing the perfect helmet.

    The first thing to consider is style. You can buy helmets that match your personal style or you can mix and match colors and styles. Our guide has a variety of options that will suit any taste.

    Are you looking for the best electric scooter helmet? Check out our guide to find out more about what makes a good electric scooter helmet and why you need one. We’ll also give you some tips on how to make sure you buy the right one.


    I am here to tell you about the conclusion for electric scooter helmets. It’s time to make a change and think about what is best for your safety. You can’t go wrong with this decision, it will ultimately benefit you in the end.

    The European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) has published a new standard for electric scooter helmets.

    With the new standard, CENELEC has created a unified safety requirement that will ensure that all electric scooters sold in Europe will have protective headgear.

    The new standard requires that electric scooter helmets offer protection against impact from a hard, round object and reduce the risk of head injuries. It also features a chin strap to avoid accidental removal of the helmet during use.

    Recently, more and more people are wearing helmets while riding electric scooters. But when choosing a helmet, there are many different options to choose from. What kind of helmet should you wear?

    When it comes to safety, the most important thing is that the helmet fits well on your head. A good helmet will protect your head in an accident.

    There are three types of helmets: Best electric scooter helmets, skateboard helmets, and ski/snowboard helmets. Bike helmets are designed for biking or cycling and can also be used for electric scooters if they meet certain safety standards. best full face helmet for electric scooter. If you want the Best cheapest fastest electric scooter.

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