Scooter As

Disclaimer: Currently, electric scooters are not legal for use on pavements and public roads in the UK (without licence and insurance). The below advice applies to cities such as Paris and Madrid where they are currently legal. We hope the UK follows suit in the near future.


I have loved scooters and love to drive long ago. Although I have a private car, I love physical exercise and leisure time scooters. That’s how I got a good idea about electric scooters, so I decided to try to explain everything to you with my ideas and knowledge. Inshallah.

Suddenly I started thinking about how to spread the knowledge I know of you among you. However, I decided to share my skills with you through websites and social media. In continuation, I created the Website of Scooter As. My website and social media are decorated only with those who love electric scooters and love to drive scooters. Hopefully, every blog and comment will be of great benefit to you.

If you want to be a full and good scooter driver, you must know some information and you will be likely to be in danger by mistake. So I would request you to read every content on our website well.

Then do it practically. And if you are facing any kind of problem, let our support group know that we will definitely help you. Our information carries a lot of importance all the time. We will personally request you to watch our YouTube channel that has many tactical videos.